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Ratchet roommate

I’m starting to hate living here, like for real. My roommate just wants attention, and if she really wants attention, then she should play with her guinea pig. She is better than the people she associates with, but she would just be ghetto and ratchet. I really wouldnt mind, but she brings them here and they make a bunch of noise while I was trying to sleep now I’m wide awake… I hate black people, ratchet ghetto black people that is.

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Levels of Ratchetness

So I know that I’m not the blackest (well I am dark-skinned) but not the most hip on black culture, but my friend suggested that I do a blog on the levels and sects of ratchetness. I can’t do a youtube video :( because my camera ia messed up, but hopefully it’ll happen soon!

This whole Trayvon Martin Trial

Yeah yeah yeah everyone is pissed. I think God is giving Zimmerman another chance and we should all give him another chance. I think he will know better next time. And if he doesn’t well, God will deal with it.

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The World of the Borderline Mother--And Her Children →

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Borderline Personality Disorder

Throughout my life, my mother has never been super supportive of my successes. I’ve always been a great student in elementary school, middle school, and even high school, receiving the highest paid scholarship that my high school offers. She didn’t want to take me to the ceremony, even though I had gotten invited. Everytime I do something wrong, she always brings up things that have happened, but the facts are never completely right. She kicked me out of her house when I was 18, for a reason that she keeps changing, but I think it was because I didn’t have a job and didn’t warm up to her new boyfriend at the time.  

Fast forward to now: it’s my first time being home for the summer since she kicked me out and while my relationship with her boyfriend is better, she gets mad tha we get along so well now. She’s always yelling at him and me and then the next second everything is fine, like nothing happened. She has to make everything about her, unless its something negative then she quickly changes the subject. Her boyfriend, Greg, calls it “flipping” and she does it all the time. She keeps hrowing fits because neither I nor Greg have a job. Greg’s reired, so he has an excuse but Culpeper (where I live) doesn’t have any places that want to hire a smart person it seems. I just want to find a job so I can get some money before I go back to school. In the meantime, I’ve been volunteering with teaching ESL classes in Culpeper which is what I want to do in my life, so its great. I feel like if I can inspire adults, imagine what I can do with children. :)

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Jenny Holzer - Inflammatory Essays (1979-82)

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